We believe that being on mission naturally flows from encountering the experience of God’s presence and love in our own life.
We believe God is on mission to heal the world. You and I play a part in that mission.

There are some things that we do all together as a church that help us participate in God’s mission. And, we want to join you in your missional life wherever you are planted — in your neighborhood, in your workplace, and with the people in your life. Our role as a faith community is to help support you in the practice of speaking about the transformational work that the love of God is doing in your life. 

Santuary Night
Sanctuary Night is a local non-profit led by one of our pastors, Hannah Estabrook.

Sanctuary Night is a sacred space created for the women still caught in cycles of prostitution in the westside neighborhood of Franklinton.
Once a week—every week—Sanctuary Night offers a warm meal, clothing, hygiene items, and a holy place of rest.  If requested, these women are connected with community partners who steward community resources and support women exiting “the life.”

Soul Care & Formational Healing
We believe that God's primary work in each of us is a work of healing.

We understand that we all have been malformed in some ways by trauma and other soul-crushing experiences. We expect that there will be seasons of life when each of us will need to spend extra time receiving deeper care. We believe that professional counseling, coaching, formational healing prayer, and other forms of prayer are all important resources for the ongoing healing of our soul.  We also believe that the primary work in all of these spaces is done by God, through God's transforming love. 

We seek to be a community that normalizes this kind of soul care. We partner with counselors, spiritual directors, behavioral health specialists, to help facilitate our partnership with God in the healing process.

Additionally, we provide a safe space on a regular basis for these providers to connect with and pray for one another.  This work is part of our missional life of hospitality. We want to care for the caregivers.